Office Christmas Party 1925

Hi Barbara the photo is sooo cool! 🙂

Silver in the Barn

My favorite website for vintage photography is  Their annual Christmas tradition is to post this photograph. As they so aptly caption it:

Washington, D.C., 1925. “Western Electric Co. group.” There are enough little dramas playing out here to keep the forensic partyologists busy until Ground Hog Day.


If you want me to be happy this Christmas season, you WILL click here for a full-sized version of this festive time capsule. Everybody instantly springs to life. Oh, so many things to study.

Let’s see, it’s 1925, so we’re smack-dab in the middle of the Roaring Twenties. World War I has ended, but surely some of these men are veterans. In just four more years, Wall Street crashes and the Great Depression begins.

And the hair! The shoes! The faces! Not to mention a teddy bear….Tell me what you see!

Fa la la,


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